Master Key Lock

A master key is a main key that is made to access a number of different locks that are not keyed the same. Restricted security key blanks of a master key are patent protected disabling other key manufacturers create duplicates of that design.

Apartment owners utilizes master keys to open each and every door of their rented flats, wherein each tenant also have their own keys for their specific unit. Other common areas in the apartment can also be opened using this key including the main door of the entire building. However this key is not going to work on the lock of a different unit.

Master key system is also a complex system as it may involve multiple master, grand master, and sub master keys. Need one key for different rooms? Master keys set up is your way to go.

We can make the proper master key systems depending on your key holder. All you need to id is just dial our number. Call us anytime you need us, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.